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Professional oriental rug cleaning near me? I am a professional carpet cleaner with city and guilds in cleaning science living in South Woodham Fererrs covering Essex. (check link for certifications)

Did you know that the vast majority of the dirt in your rug is dry and can be vacuumed out? You can test this by turning your rug upside down and with a upright vacuum vacuum it. periodically pull back the rug sweep the dust and repeat until no more dust is being removed. This will take some time. But, when finished your rug is now ready for the wet clean part.

Why Wet Clean A Rug?

Apart from dust getting tangled up with the wool dirt gets bonded to the wool fibre. Though a process called emulsification the cleaning detergent (surfactant) with the help of water as a flush agent can remove the remaining bonded dirt.

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me?

For more on our rug cleaning services follow link. I hope this answers your question “Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me?”

As you can see from the kite marks on the product we use it has both royal and Woolsafe so its not some cheap cleaning solution that’s going to remove that touch and feel of luxury that every wool rug has.