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Rug Cleaning Near Me Prices. What would be the best rug cleaning price you could think off? with the web we can get that price really low. but do we really want to receive that quality of rug cleaning service with all the risks involved?

Wool rugs are special they are normally a design choice for our homes and some are an investment. Wool is a fibre that needs to be cleaned right. have you ever washed a woollen jumper and it comes out stiff and felt wrong.

High Alkalinity

Use the wrong rug cleaning solution, mix it up wrong, get the Ph wrong and the colour will bleed. One of the test we do to test for colour run. Most rugs today are made in modern factory even if they come from the developing world, so will be fine as far as colour run. But we still test.

We Use Woolsafe Approved Products

Why The Rug Cleaning Product Is Important

The WoolSafe Organisation is a resource for information and advice about carpet and rug care and a range of carpet care services to carpet owners, carpet suppliers and the providers of carpet care products. WoolSafe provides: networks of accredited carpet cleaning companies networks of registered carpet inspectors advice on how to care for carpets and rugs testing and accreditation of wool carpet cleaning and maintenance products.

All Cleaning Product’s Are Not The Same!

Product Description & Directions for Use:
An effective extraction cleaner for wool and stain resistant nylon carpets.
WOOLSAFE Approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.
Controlled pH and optical brightener free.
Can be used in conjunction with B107 Prespray Gold.

For professional and industrial use only.
Portable machines: Mix 10ml of Liquid Woolsafe per litre (1 to 100) of warm
water (max. 60°C 140°F) in the extraction machine solution tank.
Truck-mount units: Mix 1 litre of Liquid Woolsafe with 4 litres of water to make
metering concentrate. Set flow meter at 2 to 4 GPH
Always pre-test carpet or fabric for colour fastness and texture change with
diluted solution before proceeding. If colours are unstable, test with B109
Fibre & Fabric Rinse solution and use according to label directions.
Prespray any heavily soiled areas with B107 Prespray Gold according to label
directions, then follow up with extraction machine cleaning.
• Low foam carpet cleaning concentrate for wool and stain resistant carpets.
• WoolSafe approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.
• Amber liquid with lemon floral fragrance.
pH Concentrate: 9.5
pH Diluted: 8.5


So, I am not saying rug cleaning should be expensive. just that comparing prices or low price might not be the right choice. My advice is look out for this logo from NCCA and you will be safe as its the main trade body and membership requires passing a test and having the right type of insurance. If you get a chance have a read about how we give value for money to our clients Local Carpet Cleaner Near Me – Carpet Cleaning (