wool carpet cleaning

Wool rug cleaning and why woolsafe cleaning solutions are so important.

wool rug cleaning
We Use Woolsafe Approved Products

Also why using Professional Carpet cleaners is the best option.

professional carpet cleaner

When you choose your carpet there was a reason why. Most likely it was because of the feel that wool has under foot. Man made carpet just don’t come near to how luxuriousness wool carpets are.

This feel is the number one reason why Woolsafe product should be used. So who are and what are Woolsafe cleaning solutions. The Woolsafe organisation test products and certifies them for use on wool carpets. If you are interested this link will inform you on why they test Woolsafe testing

We recommend you download their wool carpet stain removal app. it available from iPhone or google app stores or their website.

Wool Rug Cleaning – Professional Carpet Cleaners

IF you are looking to have your wool rugs cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner then using a National Carpet Cleaner Association member is the safest way to have your carpets cleaned. Every member has had some basic training in carpet cleaning and has the right type of insurance.

If you would like to check out my work I have some photos here

The Woolsafe Product We Use


Product Description & Directions for Use:
An effective extraction cleaner for wool and stain resistant nylon carpets.
WOOLSAFE Approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.
Controlled pH and optical brightener free.
Can be used in conjunction with B107 Prespray Gold.
For professional and industrial use only.
Portable machines: Mix 10ml of Liquid Woolsafe per litre (1 to 100) of warm
water (max. 60°C 140°F) in the extraction machine solution tank.
Truck-mount units: Mix 1 litre of Liquid Woolsafe with 4 litres of water to make metering concentrate. Set flow meter at 2 to 4 GPH
Always pre-test carpet or fabric for colour fastness and texture change with
diluted solution before proceeding. If colours are unstable, test with B109
Fibre & Fabric Rinse solution and use according to label directions.
Prespray any heavily soiled areas with B107 Prespray Gold according to label
directions, then follow up with extraction machine cleaning.
• Low foam carpet cleaning concentrate for wool and stain resistant carpets.
• WoolSafe approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.
• Amber liquid with lemon floral fragrance.
pH Concentrate: 9.5
pH Diluted: 8.5